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What is powder metallurgy?


Mention of powder metallurgy technology, which can be traced back to 2500 years ago. Because at that time, someone will make the iron with sponge iron forging method. During the period, with the continuous development of the technology.In the current pattern, powder metallurgy parts market in China has already begun to take shape.

Powder molding refers to the metal or nonmetal powder by pressing, sintering and made into a certain shape, size and strength of products technology. In terms of production process, it includes mixing and forming.Before mixing, we should preprocess the metal powder. The process includes powder annealing,  sieving, mixing, granulating, add lubricant, etc.

Then mixing different alloy elements, lubricants according to certain proportion.The process is mainly to control chemical component content, apparent density and liquidity.After this process that is the forming stage.Molding is made in order to have a certain shape, size, density and intensity of compact.

Powder metallurgy includesmaking powder and making parts. Making powder is mainly metallurgical process, and it’s same as the word’s meaning. However, powder metallurgy sintered products, often far beyond the category of material and metallurgy, and often across multidisciplinary technology.Especially modern metal powder 3D printing, mechanical engineering, CAD and reverse engineering technology, layered manufacturing technology, numerical control technology, material science, laser technology. These make powder metallurgy technology to become across more modern comprehensive technology disciplines.

In terms of practical application, using powder metallurgy technology can be directly made into porous, half density or fully dense material and products, such as the oil bearing, gear, CAM, guide, cutting tool, etc. It’s a less or no cutting process.So now the powder metallurgy technology is more and more popular.

After the introduction of the above content, do you have a new understanding of the technology of powder metallurgy?

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